Why Real-Time Investment Matters

November 2018

The first bitcoin exchange started in March 2010, but the first bitcoin transaction happened a little before that when Hal Finney was given the first ten bitcoins ever harvested by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Many of today’s investors are considering cryptocurrency as their new investment, and it’s easy to see why if you consider the heights that bitcoin alone has soared to over the past few years. Here’s why real-time investment matters and how UseThisPrice.com can ensure you stay at the top of your investment at all times.

Real-Time Investment Matters

Bitcoin has something in common with the stock market or foreign-exchange trading: Real-time investment matters, and your investment can go from nil to millions or the other way around in a matter of seconds. Crashes can happen fast, and rises happen just as quickly.

You’ve got to have your finger on the pulse, and there’s no way a single investor can keep an eye on all the cryptocurrencies at once – but you can have someone do this for you.


UseThisPrice.com allows you to receive rates as they change by the minute from the top four cryptocurrency exchanges – and it even calculates the average.